Elmo designed for the 2010's

Elmo is the Most famous Sesame Street Character and is the main protagonist of the show, films, and specials. He is part of the band "Elmo and the Sesames" beginning in the first live-action/CGI film.


In Sesame Street, Elmo is seen as a red, furry human-like monster with big eyes and an orange nose. He lived on Sesame Street and learns something new everyday! His best friend is Zoe.

In in first live-action/CGI film, Elmo is now 15 years old and a miscevious little monster, as described by his mom. But one day, he escapes from his home in Sesame Street and gets mistaken for a red chip bag, and gets thrown in a box that was in a truck. In there, he meets Big Bird and Telly Monster