Kermit, walter and all the muppets decide Kermit asks Walter for pirate number with bill hader. he saw the movie "cloudy with a chance of meatballs". bill hader and walter sing "a pirate life for me" Kermit thanks bill hader and walter for song " a pirate life for me". veterinarian's hospital # Bird as the patient. Bill hader, Sam the eagle and Walter sings "build me up buttercup". muppet labs sketch# the world's press button machine. "nothin' but a good time" performed by dr. teeth and the electric mayhem band.Bill Hader and the muppets:then bill dress up an bullfighter, sing living la vida loca, he give up fight that bull Mexican sketch ending Kermit thanks to Bill Hader to been in the show. also walter say adios to bill hader with spanish

===Background Characters (non-speaking) rabbits, pigs, Mexican whatnots, rats

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