Plot SummaryEdit

An experiment in Muppet Labs known as the Body Switcher 300 causes the entire Muppet gang (except for the 3rd new guest star, Ben Stiller and good friend, Walter) to get body switched.

Muppet Characters who get body switchedEdit

  • Kermit/Bunsen
  • Bunsen/Kermit
  • Gonzo/Beaker
  • Beaker/Gonzo
  • Pepe/Rowlf
  • Rowlf/Pepe
  • Crazy Harry/Swedish Chef
  • Swedish Chef/Crazy Harry
  • Miss Piggy/Rizzo
  • Rizzo/Miss Piggy
  • Scooter/Lew Zealand
  • Lew Zealand/Scooter
  • Fozzie/Sam
  • Sam/Fozzie

Songs and SketchesEdit

  • Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (performed by Gonzo (in Beaker's body) and Fozzie (in Sam's body)
  • Swedish Chef Sketch: Caramel popcorn balls
  • Pigs In Space: Slumberrific
  • Muppet News: Falling dodge balls
  • At the Dance Sketch: Scooter serenades his 1 true love at the fancy dance party
  • Muppet Labs Sketch: Slumbertronic 5000
  • Closing Musical #: We are the Champions (performed by Robin, Walter and the rest of the Muppet gang)
Episode 603
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