Plot SummaryEdit

It's Shakespherean day at the Muppet Theater.............and Michael is proud to recite a scene from Shakesphere's Hamlet.........the problem is......Scooter can't seem to remember his lines for a scene he's doing in Romeo and Juliet..............................luckily, Kermit and the rest of the Muppet gang offer to help him out.

Cold OpenEdit

Guest Star's Dressing Room: Scooter knocks on Michael Gambon's dressing room 3 times and tells him '57 2nds 'til curtain'.......and he asks him, "What are those 2 little monsters doing by the counter?" then Michael answers, "They're just getting a light snack........that's all they're doing."

'The Muppet Show' Theme Song: Gonzo's trumpet imitates a horse's whinny

Songs and Sketch #sEdit

  • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (performed by Scooter, Walter, Rizzo and Clifford)
  • Veteranarian's Hospital Sketch #-Robin as the patient
  • Swedish Chef Sketch #-Grilled cheese sandwiches and canned tomato soup with mild taco sauce
  • Pigs in Space Sketch #-A giant alien monster invades the Swinetrek
  • The Great Gonzo Stunt Sketch #-Gonzo roller-skates over a swimming pool
  • At the Dance Sketch #-Everybody's doing the exact same thing
  • Muppet Labs Sketch #-Memory Brain Unscramble 5000
  • Closing #-Romeo and Juliet (performed by Kermit as Romeo and Miss Piggy as Juliet)

Muppet Character Voice PerformersEdit

  • Steve Whitmire as Kermit, Statler Rizzo, Captain Link Hogthrob, the Muppet Newsman and Beaker (voices, replacing the late Jim Henson and the late Richard Hunt)
  • Eric Jacobson as Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Animal, Sam and Marvin Suggs (voices)
  • Dave Goelz as Gonzo, Zoot, Beauregard, Waldorf and Bunsen (voices)
  • Bill Barretta as Pepe, the Swedish Chef, Rowlf, Dr. Teeth and Bobo (voices, taking over 3 characters fromthe late Jim Henson)
  • Matt Vogel as Robin, Crazy Harry, Floyd, Camilla, Sweetums, Lew Zealand and Uncle Deadly (voices)
  • David Rudman as Scooter, Janice and Wayne (voices, replacing the late Richard Hunt)
  • Fran Brill as Wanda, Ohreally Bird and Mary Louise (voices)
  • Peter Linz as Walter (voice)

Muppet Memorial DedicationsEdit

Dedicated to the loving memories and magic of Jim Henson (1936-1990), Richard Hunt (1951-1992), Erin Ozker (1948-1993), Jerry Juhl (1938-2005) and Joe Raposo (1937-1989)......we'll all be forever grateful.

Episode 614