Bert's favorite food is diarrhea.

Ernie thinks bert smells.

Fat Blue was born on October 31.


Annoying Orange as Elmo Smellmo (Born February 3) (Both are annoying)

U as Big Bird O'neil (Born March 20) (Randomness Is Fun!)

Mr. Grumpy as Bert Moo (Born February 28)

Sid as Ernie Wilson (Born March 19)

Squidward as Cookie Monster Bowman (Born November 2)

Herbie the Synthesizer as Grover Henderson (Born October 14)

Fuzzy Lumpkins as Oscar the Grouch Booney (Born June 8)

Mr. Grumble as The Count Von Count Higgins (Born October 1)

Little Miss Naughty (New Version) as Countess Von Darling Lamp (Born June 23)

Snow Miser as Baby Bear Tuqqi (Born May 12)

Coach Z as Papa Bear Scarey (Born July 31)

Little Miss Whoops as Mama Bear Thressy (Born August 7)

Heat Miser as Telly Monster Posniewski (Born April 22)

Marvin as Humphrey Petite (Born July 2)

Little Miss Calamity as Ingrid Jacobs (Born April 28)

Ella The Piano as Natasha Bedingfield (Born November 26)

The Heavy as Shrimp Sophie (Born November 9)

Diesel 10 as Frazzle moony (Born December 3)

Snape as The Amazing Mumford Petreikis (Born January 26)

Mrs. Claus as Prairie Dawn Lala (Born August 26)

Daffy Duck as Penguin Lacoppola (Born September 11)

Billie the Guitar as Zoe Miller (Born December 16)

Marion as Rosita Turkeyface (Born December 8)

Charlotte as Gladys the Cow Loozar (Born March 23)

Ant as Benny Rabbit Airconditioner (Born February 16)

Buttercup, Bubbles and Blossom as Oinker Sisters Emmilinda (All born May 26)

OTHER GUYS--------------------------

From Mr. Men and Little Miss, Spongebob, Phineas and Ferb, Homestar Runner, Viva Pinata, Super Why, TUGS, Dr. Seuss, Garfield, Rankin/Bass, The Muppets, Fraggle Rock, Almost Naked Animals, Scaredy Squirrel, Winnie The Pooh and Little Chrissie from Sesame Street